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Professional Hearing Management has the tools and processes to handle all hearing related conditions.

Even as a young girl, Dr. Vasilike Rauch knew she wanted a career in the health care field. “I’ve always had a passion for helping others and a keen interest in science and technology,” she said. “Health care always seemed the
perfect way to combine both compassion and science.”

When her cousin suffered hearing loss, Dr. Rauch became drawn to the field of audiology. “Hearing is one of our five major senses,” she said. “The ability or inability to hear properly impacts our communication with others and also impacts how our brain processes signals. It’s a fascinating field with many nuances.”

An Indiana native, Dr. Rauch found an audiology program at Valparaiso University and received her bachelor’s degree in the science of hearing. She continued her education receiving her doctorate at University of Florida.

She was able to help her cousin improve her hearing, a goal close to her heart.

Now, she is helping residents of Northwest Indiana and Chicago’s South Suburbs through Professional Hearing Management, her office and laboratory in Valparaiso.

At Professional Hearing Management, Dr. Rauch and her team offer a patient-centered approach that focuses on satisfying each individual and his or her specific hearing needs. Whether it’s an issue with tinnitus (ringing in the ear), or hearing, the specialists at Professional Hearing Management can help each patient find the best solution.

Tinnitus is common, generally associated with inner ear damage and affecting an estimated 50 million adults in
the U.S., and is a symptom of many ear disorders. Though there is no cure, tinnitus disturbance can be alleviated.

Dr. Rauch educates patients about tinnitus and utilizes state-of-the-art equipment and the most advanced technology to help determine the best course of treatment to minimize the tinnitus disturbance and maximize hearing quality.

“We want you to be satisfied with your care,” Dr. Rauch explained. “We’ll educate you on what we can realistically
accomplish, and what the limitations are in regard to specific types of hearing loss and speech understanding ability. As our patient, you will learn what can be done to improve your individual hearing situation, and we will work with you through the hearing rehabilitation process. It takes time and patience to obtain maximal benefit.”

“There are many nuances to how the ear and hearing interact with the brain,” Dr. Rauch said. “If a hearing loss is gradual, your brain will compensate as best as possible, and you may not notice the loss. But others may notice, and that’s why family and friends may suggest a hearing test. “It is important to treat hearing loss to improve quality of life and mitigate the acceleration of memory problems, which have been associated with untreated hearing loss.”

Hearing loss and tinnitus disturbance can be improved through hearing aids in most cases. Sometimes medical evaluation and treatment also works. Dr. Rauch educates each patient on his or her specific situation and refers them to a medical specialist when necessary.

“The large majority of our patients recapture the ability to hear family and nature better,” which improves their
quality of life, Dr. Rauch said. “It’s very gratifying to us when someone’s face lights up after hearing sounds for the first time in years.”

If you or a loved one are missing out on the sounds of life around you, make an appointment to visit Professional Hearing Management. Learn what the problem is and what can be done about it. Recapture life’s precious moments and share the joy that’s all around you.