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An older man relaxes while receiving a hearing evaluation in an audiologist's officeAt Professional Hearing Management, we truly believe that better hearing leads to a better life. That’s why, as a leading hearing care center in the Valparaiso, Indiana, area, we make it easier for more residents of our community to access the exceptional care they need to live their lives to the fullest. The first step in each patient’s journey to better hearing begins with understanding the details of their hearing loss or tinnitus, and the best way to do that is with a comprehensive hearing evaluation.

What to Know About Your Hearing Test

Hearing impairment—at any stage—affects more than just your ability to hear; it also affects your quality of life and your brain health. Early diagnosis can help to prevent your hearing from worsening, and a comprehensive hearing evaluation is the best tool in accurately gauging your hearing health. It’s a simple test that’s completed in just a few steps:

  • An interview – Our experienced audiologist will get to know more about you and your condition through asking a series of questions.
  • An examination – By taking a closer look inside your ear with specialized instruments, we will be able to determine if the hearing difficulty you are experiencing is due a physical obstruction.
  • A hearing test – The comprehensive hearing test portion of your evaluation consists of measuring your hearing sensitivity through certain tests and documenting the results on an audiogram. The hearing test also includes speech testing to assess how well you understand words in different listening situations.

After this, we will recommend the best treatment options for you based on the stage of your hearing loss or tinnitus as well as your lifestyle. As the first step in improving your hearing, your hearing evaluation is essential to setting your unique care plan in motion.

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Ready to take action against hearing loss or tinnitus? It all starts when you get in touch with Professional Hearing Management to schedule your hearing evaluation. We are committed to your complete satisfaction, and we’ll do everything we can to achieve that. Contact us today to get started.

“I can hear the birds again! Thanx to doctor Rauch and her caring staff! I look forward to my future appointments.”

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“I can hear the birds again! Thanx to doctor Rauch and her caring staff! I look forward to my future appointments.”

“Had the best experience with Dr Rauch. She spent over an hour with me explaining all the details on different hearing aids to find the best pair for me. Very reasonable prices. Would recommend her to everyone for great, personalized service.”

“Dr. Rauch and her staff are wonderful! Dr. Rauch is passionate about advocating for her patients and she took the time to help me understand the impacts of hearing loss. I’m so thankful for her help. Her staff is warm and welcoming. Highly recommend!”