Behind-the-Ear Hearing Aids

Professional Hearing Management is committed to providing high-quality hearing care to our clients. At our office in Valparaiso, Indiana, we are proud to offer a range of hearing solutions, including behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aids. These hearing aids are designed to sit comfortably behind the ear, providing a powerful and effective solution for a wide range of hearing loss. Our team of experienced audiologists will work with you to select the best BTE hearing aid for your specific needs, and we’ll ensure it’s custom-fitted to provide optimal comfort and performance. We understand the importance of clear communication, and our BTE hearing aids are equipped with the latest technology to help you achieve the best hearing clarity possible.

About Behind-the-Ear Hearing Aids

Our Hearing Behind-the-Ear (BTE) units are equipped with the most advanced and adaptable technology available. Custom earmolds ensure a comfortable fit for all-day use, and the open-canal earpieces prevent that “plugged up” feeling some users experience. The speaker and microphone are housed inside the shell that sits snugly on the ear, with sound traveling into the ear canal via acoustic tubing. Our BTE devices are among the most easily adjustable, with simple switches for quick control of volume and program settings to match changes in your surroundings. We also offer miniature versions of these devices for added convenience. Trust our team for powerful and flexible BTE hearing solutions.

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Our Behind-the-Ear hearing aids offer a powerful and adaptable hearing solution for a wide range of individuals. At Professional Hearing Management, our experienced audiologists can help you select the perfect BTE device for your unique needs and ensure it’s custom-fitted for optimal comfort and performance. Contact us today to schedule an appointment at our center in Valparaiso, IN.

“I can hear the birds again! Thanx to doctor Rauch and her caring staff! I look forward to my future appointments.”

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“Dr. Rauch and her staff are wonderful! Dr. Rauch is passionate about advocating for her patients and she took the time to help me understand the impacts of hearing loss. I’m so thankful for her help. Her staff is warm and welcoming. Highly recommend!”

“Had the best experience with Dr Rauch. She spent over an hour with me explaining all the details on different hearing aids to find the best pair for me. Very reasonable prices. Would recommend her to everyone for great, personalized service.”

“I can hear the birds again! Thanx to doctor Rauch and her caring staff! I look forward to my future appointments.”