Hearing Aid Repair Services Available to Those in Valparaiso, IN, And Surrounding Areas

Your hearing aids should provide dependable functionality that will serve your day-toPicture of a young man putting his hand to his ear, indicating that he has difficulty hearing and needs aural rehabilitation. day use. At Professional Hearing Management, we recognize this, which is why we proudly offer hearing aid repair services to those in Valparaiso, Indiana, and surrounding areas. Our team will help you maintain operable hearing aids you can rely on.

We also provide this service for anyone, not just existing patients. And when current patients turn to us for a hearing aid repair, there isn’t a repair charge. This is because we view hearing aid repairs as part of the course of treatment.

The Cost of Repairing Hearing Aids

If you have a damaged or broken hearing aid, the cost of repair will be based on multiple factors. This includes whether or not the device is still under warranty, the extent of the damage, and the cost of replacement parts.

If you purchased your hearing aid from us, the repair cost will be waived since you are in a treatment plan with us. However, if the device is no longer under warranty, or was purchased elsewhere, the cost of repair may be higher. For example, repairing cracked shells on custom-molded devices can be expensive and difficult to fix, but in some cases, it is possible to repair them.

When Are Hearing Aids Beyond Repair?

Determining if your hearing aid can be repaired will require the expertise of a hearing aid specialist. Unfortunately, some hearing aids may be beyond fixing. For example, if the damage is visible, such as a cracked or crushed device, repair may not be possible.

And if your hearing aid is more than three years old, or if it has been through multiple repairs for similar or different issues, it may no longer be worth repairing. A replacement may be a smarter financial decision.

Additionally, a manufacturer’s warranty only guarantees that the product will work for the duration of the warranty. Therefore, deciding whether to repair a damaged hearing aid or purchase a new system can be challenging.

At Professional Hearing Management, we can help you make an informed decision by evaluating the damage, estimating repair costs, and weighing the benefits of upgrading to a new system.

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To learn more about the hearing aid repair services we provide to those in Valparaiso, IN, and surrounding areas, contact Professional Hearing Management. We look forward to working with you.

“I can hear the birds again! Thanx to doctor Rauch and her caring staff! I look forward to my future appointments.”

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“I can hear the birds again! Thanx to doctor Rauch and her caring staff! I look forward to my future appointments.”

“Had the best experience with Dr Rauch. She spent over an hour with me explaining all the details on different hearing aids to find the best pair for me. Very reasonable prices. Would recommend her to everyone for great, personalized service.”

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